Scientific Research

The Chicago Field Museum defines Rapid Biological Inventory as:

“Scientific teams focus primarily on groups of organisms that indicate habitat type and condition and that can be surveyed quickly and accurately. These inventories do not attempt to produce an exhaustive list of species or higher taxa. Rather, the rapid surveys (1) identify the important biological communities in the site or region of interest and (2) determine whether these communities are of outstanding quality and significance in a regional or global context.”

The goal being to, “catalyze effective action for conservation in threatened regions of high biological diversity and uniqueness”.

The results of the inventories can be found here:

2009 Cabeceras Cofanes-Chingual

2008 Ecuador, Perú: Cuyabeno-Güeppí

2007 Ecuador: Territorio Cofan Dureno

2001 Ecuador: Serranías Cofán-Bermejo, Sinangoe